They say that if you want
to know something, write
about it, if you want to
master something, teach it

Rubberbug founder
George Maestri writes
and edits books and
magazine articles about
animation and teaches
through Lynda.com and
at Otis College of Art.

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[digital] Character Animation 3

A very significant update to the classic book that's been a standard text for over a decade.  The book covers much more complex characters and animation techniques  than previous versions.  A worthwhile upgrade

Maya at a Glance
This Maya book is different from all the others. It presents core Maya features visually, using pages that are packed with beautiful graphics and loaded with detailed explanations on every crucial feature of Maya's interface.
[digital] Lighting & Rendering

Jeremy Birn's book has already become the definitive reference for anyone who works
in 3D. His explanation
of lighting and rendering
is easy to understand,
but technical enough to be a great addition to
any library.
[digital] Texturing & Painting
Owen Demers wrote this
one. This is hands down
the best book on textures ever written.